Tips For A Successful And Safe First Date 

couple-love-wheelchair-outside-illness-injury-walk-sit-620x330It is true that dating can be exciting and fun, but many people still think of it as a bother and it often happens that a date turns out to be a disaster. People with disabilities find it even more difficult to date, since there are more things they need to think about before the date, and because disabilities are still quite a taboo. Naturally, you do not need to avoid dating if you are disabled, and in this article we will give you some advice to make the first date as successful as possible.

Use a reliable dating service – there are many online dating websites, and some of them are even specifically created for the disabled. If you use online dating services, it is important to use a reliable website which screens the members, in order not to worry about your safety when you meet someone and decide to go on a date.

loveabledatinglCarefully choose the location of the date – before you schedule the first date, make sure to choose the location wisely. The place you choose needs to fit your needs, it has to have a handicap access and any other element that will make your time there enjoyable and without any obstacles. Also, make sure to meet in a public place, in order to feel more secure and to actually be safer. If you have met the dating partner online, make sure to tell your family where you are and leave your cell phone with you.

Be self-confident – self-acceptance and self-confidence are the key to being satisfied with yourself and presenting yourself in the best light to the others. When you go on the first date with someone, let your self-confidence show and let the person know that you are independent. This will turn the focus away from the disability, and it will allow other aspects of your personality to show and be the focus of the conversation.

o-DISABLED-LOVE-facebookBe honest – honesty is the fundamental for every human relationship, and the same goes for the first date. Even if the focus is shifted from your disability onto the other topics, if you feel that the first date may take you further and you start the topic of future relationship, be honest of the limitations you may have and the possible obstacles your disability may pose.

Avoid drinking too much – alcohol can make you more talkative and relaxed, and because of that a glass of wine or beer is perfectly fine. However, make sure to avoid drinking too much, especially if you meet someone for the first time. You will not only hinder your ability to judge, but you will also lose the ability to take care of yourself, which is a much bigger problem if you have a certain disability.

To sum up, take care of your safety above all when meeting someone for the first time. Find the place where you will feel comfortable and safe, take care of yourself and be self-confident and honest. Dates can be a bother, but if you can make them more comfortable and pleasant, then you should follow these tips and do your best to enjoy.

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